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Flowers For Mr. President

by John Hutton

There was once a small mouse in a small town called Salem, at the Edge of the Wilderness. The mouse was named Maus Krause. She was a very smart mouse; she knew how to sew, and she went to school every day with her great friend Sister Catherine, who was once the teacher at the Girls School. Sister Catherine called her Sister Maus, and you may already know about her from reading her first book, Sister Maus.

In this, her fourth book, Sister Maus and her good friend Emma, a student in the Girls School, meet President George Washington. Mr. President has come to visit Salem and give speeches and see Sisters House, where the Sisters are always very busy, busy, busy. Emma is so busy doing her chores in the garden that she almost misses giving Mr. President the flowers she has picked - just for him.

Written and illustrated by Dr. John Hutton, professor of art at Salem College. Dr Hutton has writtten several books for children, including Sister Maus (2006); Christmas Maus (2008); and Easter Maus (2010).


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