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Images Of Old Salem: Then & Now

by David Bergstone

The full history of one of the South's hidden treasures is finally given celebration in Images of Old Salem: Then & Now.

Old Salem is a self-contained preservation of a pre-Revolutionary War Moravian settlement that has delighted and awed countless visitors with its warm clapboard homes and heirloom gardens. To walk among its cobbled roads and "living history interpreters," after all, is to walk in eras past. Yet few have stopped to consider the rich history of each building or the fascinating work that has allowed Old Salem to so faultlessly capture its heritage.

Produced in partnership by Old Salem Museums & Gardens and John F. Blair, Publisher, Images of Old Salem: Then & Now uses exclusive historical images alongside present-day color photographs to show the evolution of the village. The accompanying text provides insight into how each component was preserved.

2010; Hardcover; 130 pages with full color photography throughout.