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Easter Maus

A Third Small Tale of Sisters House in Salem
by John Hutton

Sister Maus meets Brother Peter the Potter. He lives in Bethabara, another town at the Edge of the Wilderness and very near Salem. Sister Maus befriends Brother Peter, his wife Christina, and their children Nan and Baby Israel, and along with her friend Sister Catherine, she helps them prepare for an Easter celebration.

This third installment in the "Maus" series continues the story of the tiny mouse living and working in the home of the unmarried women and girls in the Moravian congregation town of Salem in the 1780s.

Written and illustrated by Dr. John Hutton, professor of art at Salem College. Dr. Hutton was educated at Princeton University, the University of London, and Harvard. He has written several books for children, including Sister Maus (2006) and Christmas Maus (2008).

2010; Hardcover; 36 pages with color illustrations.