Old Salem Brought To Life

by Aurelia Gray Eller and Paula W. Locklair

Old Salem Brought to Life is a tribute to the artistry and spirit of one of the North Carolina Moravian town's most steadfast pioneers. Pauline Bahnson Gray (1891-1955) was born in Salem in a house two doors up from Home Moravian Church, and at no time in her life did she live more than a few minutes away from the eighteenth-century community, nor did it ever slip out of her memories of a joyous childhood. Gray's talent with a brush wound up becoming the visual context for an interested citizenry in the restoration of "old" Salem as industrialization and automobile traffic began engulfing its uniqueness as a pastoral village in the early-twentieth century. Whether one has ties to the Moravian community, is a preservationist, or a person simply drawn to Pauline's life of quiet purpose, her story will resonate with many.

2007; Hardcover; 192 pages.